3 Easy Tips for Stress-Free Living with Pets at Home

Living with cats and dogs is surely exciting. They look cute, and they will always be there for you when you need them. You can cuddle, play, and even make videos together with them. These seem fun until you have to do the routines.  Therefore, we give you these five tips to make your experience of living with pets fun and easy. 

Get a Decent Vacuum Cleaner

a dog on a bedPets bring dirt to your hour house. Their hair also has oil that can attract ticks and other crawlers. If there’s too much hair on your sofa, for example, it won’t be surprising if there is flea or bed bug infestation there. Does this sound terrifying already? Well, the same thing can happen in your bedroom and wardrobe. Cats love to sneak in small and dark places, and the shelves included. 

Therefore, you should get a decent vacuum cleaner that can remove tick eggs and micro dust. It’d be much better if the vacuum has an anti-allergen filtration system. You may not be allergic to your pet, but what about your friends or family members who visit you? 

Choose Your Sofa’s Cover Wisely

One fabric to avoid if you live with pets is velvet. It may feel comfortable to the skin, but it stores dust and attract pet’s shedding hair. Cotton and wool are the same. And your best choices will be leather, Crypton, or Ultrasuede. As for Crypton, this fabric is stain-resistant and anti-microbial. The designer created this material specifically for people who have trouble with pet’s hair, dirt, and excretions. However, please remember that even if your sofa’s cover is stain-resistant, it does not mean you do not need to vacuum and clean it.

Learn to Groom Your Pet By Yourself

If you count on professional groomers only every time your pets need trimming and grooming, it will be costly. Why don’t you try to save your money by learning how to trim and groom your pet by yourself? 

First, you can learn by watching how the pros in the grooming shop do their job. Note what tools what they use and their step-by-step procedures of grooming. Second, find YouTube videos about pet grooming and create a playlist so that you can access them all in one place by the time you need it.